Print-at-Home Artwork Pricing

Purchasing Artwork PDFs

Credits are the currency used on to purchase your artwork in PDF format (which can then be printed at home or by a printer). The more credits you buy, the less expensive they are.

Credits cost between $1.50 and $.95 depending on how many you purchase at once.

52 Credits cost $46 (enough to make set of 6 items / wedding set)
44 Credits cost $40 (Invitation + 4 items)
28 Credits cost $34 (Invitation + 2 items)
12 Credits cost $18 (Invitation only)
8 Credits cost $12 (Items other than Invitations)

You can pay for credits using any credit card or Paypal. Both types of payments will be processed securely on the Paypal website.

See below for the number of credits needed for each type of design we offer.

Type of Card Credits Needed
Invitation 12
Save the Date 8
Reception Card 8
Response Card 8
Directions Card 8
Thank You Note 8
Full Set 52

Your credits are stored in your account and can be used later to create invitations for future events.