JPEG Invitations

Using the JPEG Generator to get your invitation in JPEG format

FIrst, login using the same info you use to login to the main site. Choose the invoice number of the artwork you want as a JPEG. You can only get JPEGs of artworks you have already purchased as a PDF - there is no additional charge to receive a JPEG version as well.

Emailing and Posting JPEG versions of your Designs

If you plan to email or post your invitation on sites such as Facebook, you'll first need to get a JPEG version using the Invys JPEG Generator. Choose the 100 dpi version.

You can attach the JPEG as a file, but its even more effective to include the image "inline" or as part of the content of your message. Here's some links to instructions for the most common email providers:
Adding and inline image in Gmail
Adding and inline image in Yahoo
Adding and inline image in Hotmail Adding and inline image in Outlook

Using a JPEG invitation with a Photo Printing Service

You'll want to have the 300 dpi sent to you if you plan on using a photo service. This will only work with invitations created as 5"x7" layouts (one per page). We recommend you choose 5"x7" prints for the best results.