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Types of Invitations & Other Wedding Stationary
Step By Step Guide to Using the Invitation Designer
Help Using the Text Tools

General FAQs

What does this site do?
What different wedding stationary items do you offer?
Do I have to download anything?
Can I try the Invitation Designer before I purchase?
Do I need any special skills?
What will I receive when i purchase an Artwork PDF?
Will I get my Artwork PDF right away?
Can I save my invitation project?
Can I have my designs printed for me?

Designing Invitations

Getting Started
Wording Suggestions
Using the Invitation Maker

Help with Purchasing Printed Invitations

About Our Printed Invitations
How to Order


Help with Purchasing Artwork PDFs

Buying Credits
Purchasing Your Artwork Using Your Credits
Receiving Your Artwork
Receiving a JPEG Version of your Invitation

Paper and Printing Tips

Buying Paper and Envelopes
Printing Your Invitations
Cutting Your Invitations

What does this site do? will help you easily design wedding invitations & stationary that express your creativity and vision for your special day. With Invys you can order printed cards, or high-resolution digital artwork files to print yourself. You can mix and match how your invitations are printed as well (for example order printed invitations and print your own thank you notes). You don't need any special skills to create amazing professional looking invites!

The easy to use Invitation Designer allows you to use any color combination you choose for all of your invitation elements, and allows you to enter whatever customized text you'd like. Invys will generate PDFs that are properly formatted for easy home or professional printing, taking the guesswork out of setting up your design layouts. Once you register (it's free to register) you can save each design you make in your Saved Projects folder, allowing you to come back later to keep working or order your artwork PDFs when you're ready. You'll be surprised how easy it is to make memorable, stylish invitations yourself.

What different wedding stationary items do you offer?

We offer Invitations, Save the Date cards, Reception Cards, Response Cards, Directions Cards, and Thank You note cards. You can choose only the items you want, and decide whether you want printed cards sent to you, or high resolution artwork PDFs you can print at home. For a complete overview of the styles we offer, check out our design guide and layout comparison chart.

Do I have to download anything?

No, our web-based software means no installation hassles or security worries. Everything you need to create your perfect design is available online, even a place to save your projects as you work on them!

Can I try the Invitation Designer before I purchase?

Yes! You can use any of our designs, and even save your projects to work on later. In order to save your design, all you'll need to do is register (for free). You can buy one or all of the designs you've completed when you're ready.

Do I need any special skills to use the Invitation Designer

No. If you know how to modify fonts and colors on a word-processor, you will be able to customize your invitation and create beautiful printable invitations yourself. Our web-based design tool was made to take the guesswork out of designing your invitation yourself. While you will have the flexibilty to change the colors and text to suit your event, you don't have to worry about sizing, cutting marks, or layouts... our tool takes care of all that for you.

What will I receive when i purchase a High Resolution Artwork PDF?

You'll be sent a CMYK high resolution PDF file of your design. The artwork can be printed at home or by a professional printer or copy shop. The fonts are embedded so you don't need anything besides your artwork PDF to print your design.

Will I get my Artwork PDF right away?

When you purchase a completed design, you'll be emailed your ready-to-print PDF automatically. You can start printing at home right away, or take to a commercial copy or print shop.

Can I save my designs to work on later?

Yes, as long as you are registered with the site you'll be able to save your designs to continue working on until you are ready to create your PDFs and print your cards.

Can you do the printing for me ?

Yes we can. Learn about pricing and purchasing printed invitations .

Designing Invitations FAQs

Getting Started

Once you're ready to make your invitations, you'll need to have your event details ready, and an idea of what stationary items you'll want for you event (reception cards, directions cards etc.).

If you have already chosen your wedding colors, you'll be able to apply them to your projects at If you don't have any particular colors in mind, you'll likely find that the Invitation Designer is a great place to experiment with color combinations. You'll be able to save multiple versions of your designs, allowing for comparison of your creative explorations with colors and fonts.

Invitation Wording

Because the Invitation Designer allows you to change the size of the type on your card, you have the flexiblity to choose wording that will embody the style of your event. Whether you use more traditional, formal wording or more personal, casual wording is up to you.

Our invitation templates start with a very simple, casual wording, but you can find a variety of wording suggestions in books and on the web. Or you can create your own special wording and sentiment for your invitations. Here are some suggestions for wording from

Basic wedding invitation wording guide
Wording for non-traditional events
Wording for divorced and blended families

Using the Invitation Maker

Once you've chosen the Design Motif you'd like to work with, you'll begin a guided process that will help you choose the type of card you'd like to work with, and continue through the design process. If you'd like a visual overview of the process, we recommend you view the following videos
Demo Video of the Overall Process
Demo Video of How to Use the Text Tools.

For a text and image overview of the process, check out the Step-by-Step Guide to using the Invitation Designer.

Help with Purchasing Printed Invitations

About Our Printed Invitations

Our invitation cards are printed on a lovely bright white uncoated cardstock... so they have the wonderful classic matte look of formal invitations. You have the option to purchase blank white envelopes that match each piece.

How to Order

When you are ready to purchase, use the Invy's Printing Quote Form and an Invitation Concierge will email you complete pricing information for you to review. Once you are ready to purchase printing, an invoice will be issued that you can pay via Paypal or Credit Card.

The next step will to review proofs that you will recieve via email to ensure everything is just as you want it. Once you have approved your order your cards will arrive within two weeks.

Pricing information can be found here.


Help with Purchasing Artwork Files

Buying Credits

Credits are the currency used on to purchase your artwork (which can then be printed at home or by a printer). The more credits you buy, the less expensive they are. Credits will be saved in your account until you apply them to Order specific designs. Once you order the design you will be mailed a Final Artwork PDF.

You can pay for credits using any credit card or Paypal. Your payment will be processed securely on the Paypal website.

Credits cost between $1.50 and $.95 depending on how many you purchase at once. See below for the number of credits needed for each type of design we offer.

Type of Card Credits Needed
Invitation 12
Save the Date 8
Reception Card 8
Response Card 8
Directions Card 8
Thank You Note 8
Full Set 40

Purchasing Your Artwork Using Your Credits

When you've finished your design for a particular item and ready to start printing, you'll need to apply the needed credits and order your design. From the Invitation Designer click on the "Next Step" button on the upper right. This will take you to the Order Page.

Receiving Your Artwork

Your invitation will be automatically emailed to you once you click the "Order My Design". We'll send it to the email you registered to the site with. You can also enter a different email on the purchase page before you click "Order My Design".

Receiving a JPEG Version of your Invitation

If you have purchased a printable PDF artwork from us and would like to have a JPEG version you can use our JPEG Generator. You can choose from a 100 dpi version for emailing, or a 300 dpi version for printing with a photo service like Walmart etc. This service is offered free of charge for customers who have already purchased the PDF artwork.

Paper and Printing FAQs

Buying Paper and Envelopes

We recommend a white or light color cardstock for your invitations. White will work with any of the designs. There are some cardstocks specially prepared for inket printing which will give more vivid colors and crisper text.

If you want to see how the designs will look on lightly colored cardstock, we recommend purchasing a single sheet if possible first to see how the colors will print. You might try your design on a few different stocks if possible before you purchase all your stock. You can purchase cardstock at an office supply store, a copy/printshop, or a stationary store. Stores that sell materials for scrapbooking or rubber stamp crafts are also a good bet.

Using Pre-Cut Paper by Avery Etc.
Quarter Page "Easy Cut" designs will work with pre-cut Avery or other brand postcard paper The Fold-Over Thank You Notes can be printed on any paper, or you can buy pre-folded notecard paper made by Avery (Paper No. AVE3268 for example) and other companies.

Envelopes in the standard A9, A7, A2, and Four-Bar sizes can usually be purchased in white at a print shop. Stationary, specialty paper stores, and some stamping and craft stores will have a broader selection. Depending on your local shops and preference, you might find it easier to order your envelopes online. Some sites where you can buy envelopes online are: and

To determine what size envelopes you'll need check the layout comparison chart.

Printing Your Invitations

The most important thing to do when printing is make sure you print the pages at 100%. Otherwise you will not have standard sized invitations. When you select Print, you will see an option for “Page Scaling”. Make sure to set this option to “None”.

We recommend using the high quality settings on your printer, as this will give you the best result. It will also use more ink, so it's up to you. We recommend testing the high and low quality settings on your particular printer if you're not sure what you want.

Always print test sheets before you use more expensive stock to ensure you have the settings right.

You can have your invitations printed (and cut) at a copy shop such as Kinko’s. Make sure to check out the cardstock, and maybe ask for a single print first before they print the whole job.

Cutting Your Invitations

Have them cut at a copy or quick print shop - whether or not you have them printed there, you can have your invitations cut at a copy shop or quick printer’s. It is usually not too expensive (often around $1 per cut) and can be a huge timesaver if you have more than a small number to cut.

Cut them using an X-Acto Knife - The idea is to line up your ruler along one set of guides and start your cut inside the edge of the paper, so you don’t cut the entire edge off. If you leave some of the paper attached on each edge, you will have all of the marks left as you cut each card. If you cut through the entire page, you won’t have some of the marks you will need to cut each card out. Use a sharp blade and cut slowly for a clean edge with no slipping.

Cut them using a craft/office paper-cutter - You can use a small paper cutter as well... keep in mind that you will cut off the cut guides after the first two cuts, and you will need to use the rulers to make the second two cuts at the right place. See the beginning of these directions for finished card sizes. The "Easy-Cut" designs are fairly painless on a paper cutter as you will only be cutting in halves or quarters, and it's therefore easy to use the ruler on the cutter as a guide.