Invys Free Valentine Maker

We wanted to help you share a little love by offering you a chance to create your Valentines the Invys way...for free! Choose from 2-per page borderless or 4-per page easy-cut layouts. As with all of our designs, you can customize the look by choosing your own color combination, fonts, and info!

Click on the "Get Artwork" when you're ready to recieve your printable PDF... the Valentine’s Designs require zero credits, so there is no cost to you! If you want to buy printed versions of your cards, please choose the borderless A2 size. Regular prices apply for printed invitations that you order from us.

Choose a design below to begin. You can change the colors and fonts!

Free Valentine Maker is available until Feb 15th, 2011.
We'll save your projects until then, and you can save your PDF file on your computer to print at any time.